About School

About School

An academic institution is a unit to account for enlightening people and creating an atmosphere of awareness. Kailash Bodhi Secondary Boarding School accepts the challenge with a spirit of dedication to the children deprived in resources at its best
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Application Form

The admission procedure in Kailash Bodhi School is simple and easy.You can also download admission form online.
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Our Mission

Our Mission

The school’s main objective is to provide up to date and quality education to the children from backward and remote area of Himalayan region of Nepal by creating equal opportunities as available to other fortunate children in the world.



Education is the foundation of all social and economic developments. It is must for all level of people in the society. Especially it is most essential to the people living in the most remote and backward areas of our country. The only way to leverage poverty and deprivation is to make school education compulsory to all. It should be made convenient and within the approach of all level of people in the society. Availability of education and its condition is too primitive in our country. We could hardly compete with the rapid growing technology and science in the world. This is the reality of our country and it should be realized in time. Otherwise we must face worse situation.

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Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to find out about our school. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high quality education for all our children.

We, here at Kailash Bodhi, help the children develop essential skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT and are able to work independently and through participation with others. There is an emphasis on using the rich range of resources available to us in the local area and beyond, as we believe that this helps to develop lively and enquiring minds and teaches children important life skills.


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