Principal’s Message

Education is the foundation of all social and economic developments. It is must for all principallevel of people in the society. Especially it is most essential to the people living in the most remote and backward areas of our country. The only way to leverage poverty and deprivation is to make school education compulsory to all. It should be made convenient and within the approach of all level of people in the society. Availability of education and its condition is too primitive in our country. We could hardly compete with the rapid growing technology and science in the world. This is the reality of our country and it should be realized in time. Otherwise we must face worse situation.

“Children are the pillars of nation.” We must prepare them to lead. The kind of education we provide to a child at KBS lays the foundation of life and shapes its destiny. A child’s future is determined by what s/he learns in school and from the teacher. So school education should include not only the academic part but also the character building. Children must be trained for strong character in their life. They should be equipped with various life sills that they may endeavor in the future. Eventually the education must be holistic. On this hostile earth and the society children should be given peace education. They must be educated with different human values; peace, integrity and tolerance. The culture should be embedded in behavior, speech and action. This way it could help to control prejudices and violence in the society. Ultimately our goal is to build harmony in the society and a prosperous nation. It is on the shoulder of each and every teacher and schools to achieve this goal.

As I often say Together we can change the world, we can overcome challenges that are ahead of us. To achieve the vision and mission, the KBS family continues to remain committed and with the great support of the staff, management team, well-wishers, parents and students the school will reach to greater heights in the years to come.


Karma Chezom Lama


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