• Dormitory: – Senior boys and girls have separate and spacious dormitory. Small children are placed in one or more rooms with matrons attended all the time. Each child is provided with individual bed. There are sufficient numbers of bathrooms for boys and girls. Small children are helped by the matrons for dressing washing, eating and to sleep. There are residential teachers who take care of the children all the times. They help the children during the self-study hours. Children are provided enough time for study as well as recreation.


  • Food: – The children are serve with three main meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea at noon for refreshment. The diets provided are fresh, well balanced and wholesome. No stale food is reused. Food items are prepared at school by our own staff. The children have their meals in the dining hall on table and benches in-group system.


  • Discipline: – Every student, boarder or day scholar is excepted to maintain a high quality of discipline in all day-to-day activities like speech, character, and way of dressing and co-working. Student are not allowed to keep heavy cash, jewelry, fancy.


  • Hair pins earring or other valuable things at the hostel. Every student must strictly obey the routine and rules and regulations set by school.


  • Health care: – Proper health care is given to the children of hostel. Registered medical practitioners visit the school timely for medical check up of the borders on request as required. First aid is made promptly available. Doctors are consulted even on minor ailments. In case of emergency or sudden serious illness the school takes responsibility of immediate care first. The parent/local guardians are informed in the quickest way possible if further care is required.

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